If the questions below did not provide you with the necessary assistance, please contact customer service here.

I just placed an order, can I cancel it?
We understand that errors can happen when checking out. If you need to cancel an order, we will do our best to do so. However, once the order is acknowledged by our warehouse we cannot stop the process.

I only received one of the items in my order, where is the rest?
Your orders can come from multiple warehouses. If you only receive part of your shipment, don’t worry. The rest are on the way.

I didn't receive a confirmation email, did my order go through?
On large releases, order confirmations can be delayed. Often end up being marked as email spam. As long as you received an order number as part of your checkout, then your order has gone through. Make sure to save your order number for your records.

When will it get to my house?
All of our packages are sent via the US Postal Service, so delivery times vary. For orders to residents within the USA, orders typically arrive in 2-4 weeks. Orders outside the USA can take up to two weeks more.

It looks like you charged me twice for my order. Help!
If your credit card was declined when you first tried to place your order, you’ll see a pending transaction in your account. Don’t fret! We do not capture funds for declined transactions, and this charge will automatically drop off your statement within a few business days.

I made two orders today. Can you combine them into one and refund the balance?
Unfortunately, we are unable to combine shipments on multiple orders.

I emailed customer service, how long will it take them to respond?
Expect a response within 12-24 hours from our representatives.

What countries do you ship to?
We ship to (almost) all countries worldwide, excluding China, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of the Ukraine, Sudan and Syria. Please be aware that depending on your country’s regulations, international orders may be subject to additional duties and fees.

How are shipping rates calculated?
Shipping within the United States have flat rates. Orders over $50 being shipped within the US are eligible for free shipping. Shipping rates outside of the United States are determined by the weight and destination of your final order.

I noticed I entered the wrong postal code/apartment # and the package is now being returned to sender, what are the next steps to have my package reshipped to me?
Once the package has been returned to our warehouse, we will reach out to the customers in regards to any address issues. Once the package is returned to us, please allow 2-4 weeks for the package to get to your house.

Return Policy.
Your satisfaction is very important to us! We will gladly replace any item that may have had a bumpy ride during shipping. Your items may only be exchanged for the same product you purchased within 30 days of delivery. Please contact our customer support team with photos of the items for additional assistance.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds, returns/exchanges for any other reasons.
Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacements of any kind.
Please refer to our Refund policy, located here.

Why Isn’t My Promo Code Working?
We recommend copying and pasting your exact code into the coupon box to apply your discount. Keep in mind that promo codes typically cannot be combined. There may also be a restriction that’s causing your code not to work, so double check the fine print (some codes only work for first-time customers or your code may have expired).