Easy & Simple Jewelry Care

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How do you care for your jewelry? Read along and you will find out!

Easy & Simple Jewelry Care

Let's start first with wearing your jewelry. Here are some tips.

  • Remove jewelry when doing fitness. Your sweat is made up of water, ammonia, urea, sugar and salts (sodium, chloride, and potassium). The chloride will hurt your jewelry. Accidental contact could also damage to your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry before entering swimming pools or spas. The chlorine in swimming pools or spas will damage your jewelry.
  • Don't wear jewelry when taking bath or shower. Soap, shampoo, conditioner and other cleansers contain many chemicals. These chemicals could damage your jewelry over time.
  • Wear jewelry after makeup. Cosmetics, perfumes, lotion and hairspray can contain chemicals that damage jewelry. Wearing jewelry after applying makeup reduce potential damage.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when performing manual task. Manual task like kitchen work, gardening or house cleaning. Household cleaners like chlorine bleach or household solvent are chemicals that could damage your jewelry. Physical damage could occur when performing manual task. Wearing rubber gloves could reduce these risk.
  • Do not wear jewelry while sleeping. We toss and turn in our sleep. This can potentially damage our jewelry.

Easy & Simple Jewelry Care

How about storing your jewelry?

  • When not used, store your jewelry in a box or pouch. Prevent jewelry from moving around by using fabric-lined box or pouch. Or fill any container with pieces of fabric or cotton.
  • Silver and gold jewelry tarnish. To slow down oxidation, store jewelry in airtight, tarnish resistant bags or cloths. You could also place anti-tarnish strips in the container. It will absorb oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry.
  • Pearls and opals draw moisture from the air. Storing them in a dry area like safe deposit box may not be ideal.

Easy & Simple Jewelry Care

Next, easy and simple tips to clean your jewelry.

  • Use warm water and soft cloth to clean your jewelry. Even better just use jewelry polishing cloth. Do not use of tissue or paper towels. The fibers in these products can cause scratches.
  • If you wear your jewelry daily, weekly cleaning is recommended.

We hope that our recommendations here are helpful to you. Have a wonderful day!

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